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Hello Kitty Sales

trade or sell your hello kitty stuff

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Hello this is a place to Buy,Sell or Trade Hello Kitty and other Sanrio Related items. nothing off that topic or you will be asked to remove them.

If you see something you want, and you have a trade list, your trade list doesnt have to include Sanrio stuff..But if you post a trade list in a post and it doesnt have Sanrio on it, your post will be deleted..
* I hope i didnt confuse anyone*

You can post e-bay auctions, a list of stuff you are selling or you can ask for stuff to buy or trade.

When posting pics you may only post 1. after that they must be behind an lj-cut.

No off topic posts about the weather or anything else that isnt related to Sanrio

No whoring out other communities here..I dont care if its related to Sanrio..dont do it

The mods are im_like_heroin and blueplastikgrl

We are not responsible for the selling or trading that goes on in this community.

If you are a deadbeat and rip someone off you will be banned.

If you get ripped off please let me know and I will see what I can do to help you.

Some helpful tips-
When doing transactions please make sure you keep all your reciepts from the post office so you have proff and save the persons address and name in case you have to file mail fraud

any other questions? e-mail me or Blueplastikgrl at

Found these graphix. We dont claim to have made them.