pegasusmaiden (pegasusmaiden) wrote in hellokitty_sale,

Stationary and other accesories-Free Shipping

$1.00 shipped

50 Hello Kitty stack stickers
$2.50 shipped

$1.00 shipped

Hello Kitty Wallet $2.00 shipped

See all items with Free Shipping

Accepts paypal, money order, personal checks, and conceals.

post or email directly
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I want the HK strawberry pouch! Sent e-mail! :o)
is the hello kitty wallet still available?
yes it is.

Deleted comment

yes they are still available. How would you like to pay for them?

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Shipping is included, with paypal I will add $.30 to the total because that is what they charge me to use it.

What is your paypal email? I will send you an invoice.

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

paypal is having difficulties right now I can't send an invoice so I am waiting for them to be up again before I can send you an invoice.

I don't do a lot of purchasing or selling on ebay, my ebay account is peophinbabysoft

and this is my online shop
are these available? i can't see the pictures. ):
These are no longer available thats why the pictures are gone. :/ Sorryz